pERSONAL training 

This program is for anyone looking to really get in better shape and willing to hurt for it. It will give you the undivided attention of an elite trainer that you won’t get anywhere else, who will work with you 1 on 1 for personalized functional training sessions.We write out a completely personalized plan, set you up, and push you to your limits, and you will be thanking us every step of the way. 

Living an active lifestyle in the Temecula Valley is something that everyone struggles with, but you don’t have to go through that alone. 1 on 1 classes with our personal trainers will keep you accountable for your fitness and give you the motivation needed to get into shape with our functional fitness and training plans.


Private one on one training sessions give you the undivided attention of an elite trainer, forcing you to push your limits or quit, and as you know quitting isn’t an option. For the person looking for a workout experience in Temecula and Murrieta like no other, there is no option but 1 on 1 fitness training. As an example, our High Intensity Internal Training will push you to new heights every day, not only through training but a complete lifestyle change. 

“Private Training”
1 on 1, 2-4 Small Group
X-fit fat loss bootcamp

“X-Fit” is a scientifically-based Fat Loss training system incorporating the most effective exercises in a fun bootcamp style setting. We utilize sports training techniques to improve everyday function through a variation of High Intensity Interval Training, mixed with full body strength training techniques to keep the routines fresh and challenging.


Due to it’s one of a kind master planned structure, with modifications for injury or different levels of fitness, it is the most effective way for anyone to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our trainers specifically target a different body part every day creating the ultimate fat loss program yielding results faster, and safer, and longer lasting than almost every other program out there. 

45 DAY FAT LOSS Challenge

A 6 Week kickstart program for ALL Fitness Levels requiring no guess work- contestants committed to making their health a priority, can win over $400 in fitness prizes. Our challenge includes: Before & After Pics, Fat Loss Meal Plan, Progress Testing, and Unlimited Class guaranteed to increase human performance, rev up your metabolism and boost your energy. Join dozens of fitness fanatics as we transform your body into an energized, fat burning machine!

imx motorsports

For aspiring riders of all skill levels, whether you’re a recreational rider or top professional racer, we educate your body in every aspect to ensure you ride at the top of your game!

Our fool proof program is tailored to your individual needs starting with the FMS Assessment which identifies your Bio-Mechanical Deficiencies, followed by performance testing that measures the strength progress specifically required from racing, as well as Vo2 Metabolic Testing to track the heart rate zone efficiency to maximize your results!

A detailed monthly report card is provided to all support systems (parents, owners, managers, mechanics) to track the progress involved within our extensive programs-

Learn and train directly from some of our top riders and rising stars in the sport.

See the full list on our Athlete Page and let “iMX” excel you to the next level of riding! 

MotorSports Training
ULTIMATE core boxing 


Anyone looking for an intense boxing experience through an interactive training environment- our cardiovascular workout incorporates various bags drills and practical mitt work.


These intense workouts are designed for maximum calorie burn, coupled with nutritional guidelines to achieve the amazing results. Get leaner, gain confidence, and develop discipline- focus on reviving a successful lifestyle!

Carlson Gracie Federation 
ichor sports medicine
ichor sports medicine

The Sports Medicine program we provide is like nothing offered at any other gym. Here we focus on injury prevention, as well as rehabilitation for any accidents or injuries that may occur outside the gym.

Our athletic trainer, Eddie Casillas, is the best in the business with over 25 years of experience not only with professional and collegiate athletes, but with people who are just training for everyday life. Through his corrective exercises he has helped heal and prevent injury for some of the biggest names in the Motorsports world, as well as increasing core strength, joint stability and muscular balance for all of our members who have utilized his services.

Sports Medicine and injury prevention is key to successful training and iCHOR is the best at what they do!

massage therapy

Massage therapy, unlike other types of massages, gets down into the muscle to the root of the problem and takes care of it by targeting deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to rejuvenate muscle tissue faster.

It is a severely underrated and important part of training, no matter what you train for, whether it is athletic competition or just for the competition of everyday life.


The rapid recovery of muscle tissue through Massage Therapy is extremely important especially when working out every day and using high intensity.

Massage therapy is not only one of the best ways to stay healthy and prevent injury, but also to remain ready to train every day!



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