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iCON Sports Performance And Wellness Alliance was founded in the summer of 2008 by sports training pioneer Charles Dao. Its roots reach back to the early 2000’s before Charles actually graduated from CSUF. The venture originated from a family tribulation when his younger sister, Kimberly got struck by a drunk driver, ending her promising pro tennis career. Inspired to rekindle her dreams, he spent years in the Healthcare Industry working intimately alongside many other training facilities and rehab centers, guiding athletes not only back to the field of competition but on the podium.


After moving out to the Inland Empire in 2003 to pursue a life-changing career opportunity, Charles spent five years diligently managing & operating a local high end sports club. With no intention of ever settling for mediocrity, he ventured off as an entrepreneur deciding to fully invest all his hopes, dreams, and energy into founding iCON Sports Performance And Wellness Alliance in 2008- paving a road of success not only for athletes to triumph, but unifying the community to play an active role in creating an influential and positive lifestyle to take extreme pride in as well. Since conception of their unique vision, iCON Sports Performance And Wellness Alliance has devoted its entire existence into providing an elite training service, with the most recognized trainers in the region, unified under one establishment, focused on achieving fitness goals for the entire family.


Whether you’re an elite professional athlete, busy stay-home mom, or diligent weekend warrior- Our hybrid, innovative one-stop-shop facility is equipped with every amenity available to reach optimal performance. At iCON Sports Performance And Wellness Alliance, we pride ourselves on cultivating strong personal relationships with all our valued members that not only exceed their goals, but an experience that lasts a lifetime!

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